Noxious Weeds

Class A Noxious Weeds

Flowering Rush, Class A Noxious Weed

Non-native with limited distribution. Preventing new infestations and eradicating existing infestations are of the highest priority. Eradication is required by law.

Class B Noxious Weeds

Dalmatian toadflax, Class B Designate

Non-native, high priority, of varying distribution. Classified by the state for control in regions where they are not widespread. Where already abundant, control is decided at the local level. Some species are Class B Designate weeds, which require stricter controls.

Class C Noxious Weeds

Spikeweed, Class C Noxious Weed

Non-native with many species widespread. Long-term programs of suppression and control are local options, depending on local threats and feasibility of control.

"Options for Control" brochures

Franklin County Noxious Weed Control Board staff have compiled "Options for Control" brochures for certain weed species that are considered high priority due to their potential economic or environmental impacts, or because the public has expressed particular concerns about them. The PDF brochures can be printed or downloaded.

2020 Franklin County Noxious Weed List Brochure (pdf)


Printable State Monitor List of Suspect Weed Species (pdf)