Watch our YouTube videos to learn about sprayer calibration, our programs and services, controlling noxious weeds and more.  


The Sage E-News from the FCNWCB

Brochures with tips on weed control and The Sage E-newsletters to download or print. 

Local Events

Display booth

Look for our video and display booth at the Farm Fair, Benton-Franklin County Fair and Regional Home & Garden Show.

Landowner Consultations

Private land infestation

Want to know what kinds of weeds you have and how best to control them?

Just ask! A field surveyor will come.

Speaking Engagements

Staff speaking at an applicator training

Staff members are available to speak at events and herbicide applicator trainings about noxious weeds and related topics.

Kid Stuff

FCNWCB Education Coordinator Betsy Crysel in her Scotch thistle costume speaks to a school group.

Information about our school program and children's activities that make learning about noxious weeds fun.

Pesticide Use Restrictions

Information about Restricted Use Pesticides from the Washington State Department of Agriculture, such as Evening Cut-Off Times, LV Ester Restrictions and a map of Franklin County Pesticide Management Areas.

Calibration Worksheet

11-6-19 ATV Sprayer Calibration and Use (docx)