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WA State Parks


The FCNWCB partners with WA State Parks to map, monitor and spray noxious weeds on the Columbia Plateau Trail and various state parks. Our crew recently installed a pollinator garden at Sacajawea State Park.  

White Bryony Grant

White bryony

FCNWCB received a multi-year grant to conduct and assess chemical treatments for removing white bryony, a poisonous noxious weed, from the Big Flat Habitat Management Unit.  



Camelthorn is a high priority Class B Noxious Weed with only one known presence in Franklin County. The once large infestation of perennials is now a relatively small number of plants. 


Spikeweed. Wes Smalling, 2018.

Noxious and obnoxious.


Prairie rattler

Crews and critters.

Agency Work


Cooperative projects with land management agencies such as the City of Pasco, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Bonneville Power Administration.