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Cost Share Program

The Franklin County Noxious Weed Control Board offers a Cost Share to rangeland owners and operators on spring or fall herbicide applications intended to control certain species of noxious weeds.

The purpose of the program is to increase the number of acres sprayed by coordinating applications across property lines. Other benefits include greater weed control over the infested areas and increasing the weed board’s knowledge of the extent of infestations in those areas. It is also an opportunity to monitor ongoing progress and to collaborate with landowners. Noxious weed species targeted are yellow starthistle, Scotch thistle, diffuse knapweed and rush skeletonweed. The Board encourages the use of aerial applications where appropriate.

The sign-up period for spring or fall applications is typically from late November or early December to the end of January each year. Consultations and registrations are conducted at the Weed Board Office at 502 Boeing Street in Pasco. Appointments are strongly encouraged, especially during the holiday season. Please call the office at 545-3847.

Rangeland is the highest priority land-type for this program as rangeland typically has the least potential for return. CRP may be considered contingent on FSA rules. Absentee owners should forward this information to a farm operator or agent.

Aerial applications and ground applications will be cost-shared on a per-acre basis, to be paid at the end of the spray season, spring or fall. Cost-share reimbursements will be a function of the total number of acres signed up during the application period, not to exceed 50 percent of the cost per acre.